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7 Day x 4 Large Capacity Pill Box with Alarm Timer. Weekly Pill Box Organizer System for Medications, Supplements, and Vitamins. "World's Best Pill Organizer and Pill Timer Combination"
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7 Day x 4 Large Capacity Pill Box with Alarm Timer. Weekly Pill Box Organizer System for Medications, Supplements, and Vitamins. "World's Best Pill Organizer and Pill Timer Combination"

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Worlds Best Pill Organizer. e-pill 7 Day Medication Reminder and Organizer System with 4 per Day Pill Boxes. Now with 37 Daily Alarms. Alarms repeat every day - no reset required (alarms automatically re-set every day at midnight). This e-pill dispenser is widely used by hospitals and clinics. Complete medication adherence system includes 7 large capacity Easy-to-OPEN pill boxes and an Easy-To-Set Electronic Medication Reminder (up to 37 alarms per day). Each four compartment pill organizer is labeled Sunday, Monday Saturday. Super sized pill box, holds lots of medications (25 aspirin sized tablets per dose (4 x doses per daily pillbox). Included in this system is our popular e-pill Multi-Alarm PLUS Reminder. Convenient & compact storage case made of durable high quality canvas. The daily organizers are made of industrial strength plastic and are dishwasher safe. Use at home or in the office. Ideal for traveling. Clear sliding lid for easy dose access. LARGE Capacity Organizer holds all your medications (Pill capacity: 25 aspirins in each compartment). Tactile labeling (Braille) can be read at night. Size 6 1/2 x 6 1/2 x 2. Weight 15 oz.


Large CAPACITY Daily Pill Organizers

Easy to Set Medication Reminder - up to 37 Alarms

Ideal for Travel - Discreet canvas bag holds everything

Never Forget to Take your Medications Again!

FREE Shipping - FREE Batteries

Product Details:
Product Length: 6.5 inches
Product Width: 2.0 inches
Product Height: 6.5 inches
Product Weight: 0.31 pounds
Package Length: 6.9 inches
Package Width: 6.8 inches
Package Height: 2.5 inches
Package Weight: 1.1 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 6 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.0 ( 6 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

8 of 8 found the following review helpful:

5Makes it easier to organize your medsNov 13, 2011
By Amazon Customer
Bought this for an older family member, and it's great. The pill box covers slide off, so you don't have to individually open and close every section. You can group pills into 4 times a day. Also, the pill timer is easier to set than most watches - you simply slide the tab(s) on the times you want it to go off - no need to enter numbers, or press a button 12 times to change the hour. One slide and you're done. It's made med management much more doable for our older family members.

5 of 6 found the following review helpful:

3The unit is OK but rather spendy for what it is.Jul 02, 2013
By Amazon Customer
I would NOT have bought this if it was for me, it just is to expensive for what it is and does. BUT I bought this for my mother.

If it had been for me, I would make the following changes. 1) I would not have a separate container for each day, I believe this make is easy to misplace one, especially for seniors who do not see well, remember well and get confused easily thereby misplacing things.
2) I would make the alarm unit part of the the pill boxes so it is ALL ONE UNIT not 8 different pieces.
3)I would put a handle/strap on the bag, making it easier to carry from place to place.
4) The batteries last a year, I think this will prove an issue for the elderly, I had to add it to my calendar to take it in to a drug store to buy and replace the batteries in a year. It would be nice if it had a flashing light to remind of the change LONG before needed, and for the amt of money charged it should have some kind of warning system for the elderly to note a change in batteries is needed.
5) As I noted above, the cost is steep and the unit is NOT very well designed, they only reason I got it was the alarm to remind my mother to take her meds, and I didn't have days, and days to look for something better priced. (I would never buy this for me, but as a gift I justified its purchase. I decided since the alarm is not attach but like day pill boxes separate I just bought an alarm for me, for a whole $3.99.)

UPDATE: Other changes that I think it needs.
6) The text on the boxes are in white and I thing they should be dark blue or black (easier to read than white. As one's eyes fail the white is nearly unreadable. I recently had cataract surgery and I could not read the writing at all before surgery. But I was looking at something similar and the text was about the same size and black could make that text out somewhat, where as this I could not.
7) I also decided the alarm is not loud enough for the elderly who are often hard of hearing, of cannot hear at all if they remove (or lose) their hearing aid, or are not wearing due to illness or a sore ear, or have the aid out while napping or just napping in a chair with the aid in (when asleep the alarm is not load enough to wake). My mother has slept though it with her hearing aids in, so has my father. And one day I was at the house and I dosed off and I too did not here the alarm when it went off. When she went on vacation she had it in a carry on and she couldn't hear the alarm when it was inside her canvas carry on. So the alarm cold be louder. And since it has to have batteries for the alarm anyway. If wouldn't hurt if it has a flashing light that goes off with the alarm dose (for those who cannot hear or even those who can but maybe not so well). This would be a separate issue that a flashing light to tell one when the battery is low.

**1a) As mentioned the individual boxes could get lost, well mom has had an issue with them sliding down inside her recliner and her couch. The only way she cannot lose them in the chair or the couch is to set at her kitchen table and take the pill boxes out, use and return to the case before they fall into some place where she cannot see or find them.
**4a) The batteries didn't last a year. She has had the unit 4 mos and the alarm stopped working. I took it to a local camera shop and they removed and replaced, so it is working again. (Thank goodness it was only the batteries.)

ALL in all, I wish I had not bought this at all. I would have been better off buying a less expensive 7 day (even a 31 day) pill box and buying a separate alarm for it that I could attach to the box or even leave separate and put it in a case with a strap. This would work just as well if not better and cost much less. (Personally, I use a 7 day pill box and my alarm on my cell to tell my to take my meds and it works grate. So I am thinking I am going to fix up something similar for my mother with an alarm that has at least 3 repeatable time settings that all she has to do is turn off and it will reset (each)alarm for the next day.

Save you money and look around for something that will work as well or better for much less money. This really is a waste of money, I am so sorry I wasted my money on it. If I could REISSUE THE STARS, I would change to 1 or 2 maybe.

Good luck, I hope this helps.

1 of 1 found the following review helpful:

3interesting pill holderJul 11, 2013
By Sue U
i was so excited to order this pill holder. i was needing something with an alarm that would hold each days pills in a separate container to throw in my purse, but that i could keep all together at home fully organized for a week. i liked the timer in theory. it is a very easy timer to figure out, and gives you many options throughout your day. however, i had so much trouble hearing the timer that i frequently missed my pills anyway. in addition, i felt uncomfortable with the looseness of the lids of the individual day containers. i felt if i threw them in my (messy) purse that they may open and spill all over. and the days frequently got out of order in the holding bag because you just stack them in there. i only tried to use it for about a month and then i stopped. as someone who has a lot of difficulty remembering to take their pills, and needs a reliable reminder system, this just didn't work for me. i did think the timer was possibly the best timer i have ever seen. i think that alone would work for me if only it was louder so that i could reliably hear it

3The lid made me nervousJun 21, 2015
By Melinda
Everything about this was nice, but I didn't like that the lid slide open. I felt like it would easily slide open and all my meds would spill out.

4Nice PillboxFeb 10, 2013
By unicorn1667
Very handy.. The only drawback is that you can't attach the timer to pillbox.!!! But good buy for the money

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